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What Are Mini-Grants?

Teachers are faced with increasing in class sizes and decreases in classroom funding. Often, because of funding gaps and lack of tax dollars, they are unable to provide materials and tools that help students with special needs stay focused on their learning. Through the mini-grant program, the Foundation helps provide many of these materials. In addition, mini-grants give teachers an opportunity to implement innovative educational projects for children with special needs.

Applications for the 2016-2017 funding period are now closed.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for funding, applicants must be a teacher or DIS provider in the Poway Unified School District.

Applicants who are awarded a grant agree to advertise the grant and the Foundation, by posting on their classroom or school website, emailing the families of students who will benefit from the grant, or including information about the grant in their school site newsletter.

Recipients must be willing to share information anout their grant at a Bi-annual peer event and provide pictures and/or a short video containing grant awards to be posted on the Foundation's website and social media sites. Grant recipients will not be eligible for another grant until they have met this requirement.

Application Process and Timeline

Applications for funding must be submitted by DATE HERE. Submission of an application does not guarantee of funding. All funding decisions are final.

Individual applicants may request up to $500 in funding, including any taxes and shipping costs. Applicants may form a group of up to 3 to submit a group grant totaling $1500. First priority will be given to sites & staff who have not previously received grants.

To apply for a mini-grant, complete the Mini-Grant Application.

Application Evaluation Criteria

Preference will be given to grant applications based on:

  • Impact on skills of students
  • Number of students impacted by the grant
  • How easily the project can be replicated in other classrooms or programs
  • Creativity and innovation demonstrated by the proposal
  • Relevance to student population

Funding Restrictions

  • Grant materials become sole property of PUSD and must remain with the classroom/program that received the grant. The PUSD Special Education Foundation must approve any transfer. Software and computer apps MUST be registered to a e-mail address.
  • Educational programs, materials and supplies must be for the benefit of current students.
  • Subscriptions, conferences and tests will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Renewable curriculum subscriptions cannot be guaranteed and require new applications each year.
  • Funding for iPads with iTunes gift cards require an itemized app list submitted with the Mini Grant application up to $50. Apps over $50 require a separate grant application. Technology requests must meet district guidelines.
  • Funds will not be used for basic school supplies or equipment such as ink cartridges, paper, etc.
  • Personnel or hourly reimbursements will not be funded.

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